In Issue no.1 we introduced a new forum for studies in both Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell, expressing our confidence that it would soon become the principal forum for such discussions. With the the publication of three essays in Issue no.1 we believe we set down markers for future contributions to DURRELL STUDIES, which are followed in Issue no.2 by a previously unpublished essay from 1984 on Lawrence Durrell’s approach to Gnosticism by veteran scholar Frank Kersnowski, supported by a letter from Lawrence Durrell himself. Bruce Redwine discusses Durrell’s and Virgil’s renderings of “Arcady” and Ravindran Nambiar recollects his conversation about Durrell with Mulk Raj Anand. We are also delighted to feature the Greek-language translation of Lawrence Durrell’s story “The Telephone”, which first appeared in Rhodes in 1947 and has not been published since then.

Also, in “Reviews”, Rony Alfandary considers Isabelle Keller-Privat’s study of Lawrence Durrell’s poetry, and “Notes&Queries” carries notes on Durrell in Rhodes and E M Forster’s opinion of Durrell.

These contributions to Durrell Studies are supplemented by a link to nine further essays on Lawrence Durrell on the Durrell Library of Corfu website.


“Rainstorm on Peacock Island in Berlin 1949”, an extract from Ursula’s Triumph (volume 4 of the Berlin Book) by Brewster Chamberlin


  • “Insiders and Outsiders: the writer as expatriate” by Jim Potts
  • “Postcards from Greece” – David Green visits Cyprus, Rhodes and Santorini. In Issue 3 he will continue his journey through Crete and Corfu.


by Sukrita Paul Kumar, Leon Cohen (1901-1942), Martin Herskovitz and Tom Hadani Nave.


  • “Amíliti/The Silent One” – a new work by composer Dimitra Tripani, with text by Pantelis Boukalas and décor by Katherine Wise: an account of the birth of a classic at the Paxos Festival by Richard Pine


  • Lawrence Durrell’s Poetry: a rift in the fabric of the world by Isabelle Keller-Privat, reviewed by Rony Alfandary
  • Eva Palmer Sikelianos: a life in ruins by Artemis Leontis, reviewed by Richard Pine


  • a note on Lawrence Durrell in Rhodes
  • E M Forster and Lawrence Durrell


C.20 – an international journal

is a peer-reviewed online international journal of the Durrell Library of Corfu, publishing on every aspect of literature and the arts in the twentieth century.

C.20 will have a special focus on the nucleus of writers and artists living in Paris in the 1930s, including Lawrence Durrell, Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Brassaï, Hans Reichel, Otto Rank and many others.

C.20 will have the following structure:

Essays on literature and the arts, including the visual arts and music

Work-in-progress: incipient fictions, poetry, essays

● Notes&Queries: a forum for lively and provocative exchange of views and information

Reviews of fiction, poetry, biography and historical and critical studies of any aspect of the twentieth century.

We will also publish requests for research-related information, notices of significant publications and events, reports on exhibitions, concerts and conferences.

Prospective contributors should send a summary of their proposed work to: All proposals which, in the opinion of the relevant editor, merit inclusion will be submitted for peer-review before being accepted for publication.

Editor: Richard Pine (Ireland and Greece)

Arts Editor: Dominic Green (UK and USA)

Greek Editor: Vera Konidari (Greece)

Poetry Editor: Rony Alfandary (Israel)

Editorial advisory board: Brewster Chamberlin (USA), Yiorgos Chouliaras (Greece), David Green (Australia), Bruce Redwine (USA), David Roessel (USA)